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A world famous and fragile heritage

Auvers is a village with a world heritage, calling to mind Daubigny, Cézanne and Pissarro, and definitely inspired by the tragic stay of Vincent Van Gogh.

Auvers reçoit les touristes du monde entier. Les sites et bâtiments immortalisés par les peintres subissent l’usure du temps, et les dégradations inéluctables font croître les sujets d’inquiétude.

The Municipality cannot do everything

The Township commits itself, and grants priorities. In 2016 many restorations took place. Especially the town hall and its courtyard, made famous by Van Gogh, were refurbished and renovated. But there is so much to do!

If we do not mind, it is Auvers which disappears

Nowadays, public endowments are cut down. Necessary actions to which a township cannot escape reduce the share devoted to the preservation of heritage. Relay must be taken by private initiative and patronage.

In partnership with the Township of Auvers-sur-Oise, the Auvers Heritage Project Association raises funds
for the preservation and restoration of the architectural heritage of Auvers.


Retaining walls at Auvers

Auvers is at the foot of the Vexin cliff. There are numerous retaining walls . They are becoming fragile and degraded by infiltrations and runoff. The task is sometimes urgent. Such works drain budgets. Participating in their funding is a direct aid to the preservation of the landscapes of Auvers..

Manoir des Colombières

The Colombières Manor

A beautiful building of the seventeenth century, the Manor houses the Daubigny museum. The manor demands major restoration work and to bring it up to standards for public reception. A first renovation was carried out in 2016, improving the presentation of the collections and its partial accessibility. Much remains to be done.

Mur Sansonne

Streets and walls

Typical of the Vexin Français area, streets and paths at Auvers are bordered by walls delimiting the properties. It is part of the charms of the village. Like wall in rue de la Sansonne, the restoration of which is planned for 2017, many walls are under public responsibility. We must help the township to restore them all.

The church square and the surroundings

The surroundings and the ground of this world famous church painted by Vincent Van Gogh deserve a landscape restructuring and the restoration of the small buildings and parapet there. Budget for this special project is not included in those for the restoration of the roof of the church.

vue aérienne église

The roof of the church requires urgent action

The rain penetrates into Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, the church of Auvers-sur-Oise. The roof and the frame are in dire need of restoration. The building no longer provides sealing and remains very humid. In order to restore the roman church, painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1890, the association takes action to help the Town of Auvers to raise funds.

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