The "Stones for Auvers" project

The collection through the Ulule fundraising website ended on June 26, 2015. The funds collected from each contributor, as a whole show solidarity and commitment. That allows us to provide a first aid to the township of Auvers so that they can begin the restoration of the Sansonne Street wall. We are very happy with this very first success in line with the objectives of the association, even if moderate: to raise public awareness about fragility of the historic and cultural heritage of Auvers-sur-Oise and develop partnership relations to mobilize public and private financial resources, in order to restore the architectural heritage of the village.

This first operation, if it presents a limited result, displays however a significant effect, a demonstration of the response of individuals although we are little known. They have responded and we are most grateful to them. Our next objective is to mobilize corporate sponsorship and patronage initiatives, particularly through more important projects.

alphabetic order

  • Bruno Bassac
  • Dominique Beghelli
  • Paul Boiroux
  • Jean-Marie Cambier
  • Martine Chambon
  • Laurent Charron
  • Marie-Jeanne Clot
  • Pierre de Changaye
  • Lisa Deloum
  • Séverine Dubalais Piffret
  • Florence Dufour
  • Véronique Duval
  • Cécile Ehrismann
  • Frédérique Fallek Vauvillier
  • Michèle Fiquemont
  • Joakim Gautier
  • Alain Hubeaut
  • Frédéric Legrand
  • Ulrike Mammer
  • Sophie Masse
  • Christophe Mézières
  • Isabelle Mézières
  • Audrey Musik
  • Emmanuel Nommick
  • Jean-Pierre Oberti
  • Yves Omejkane
  • Ludovic Rabier
  • Marie-Claude Rigneau
  • Martine Rovira
  • Christine Vauvillier
  • Daniel Vauvillier
  • Sylvain Veillard
  • Alain Weissman

...and some peomle wishing to remain anonymous

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